What’s NOT Happening in my Store? Non-Sellers & Non-Buyers Reports

RetailEdge has hundreds of reports that will tell you what is happening with customers, inventory and sales in your store. You can find out who purchased what item during what period of time from what vendor, etc.

However sometimes it is just as important to know what is not happening in your store. RetailEdge has a few reports and filters that can help you out!

1. The Non-Sellers Report. RetailEdge has a best sellers report and a non-sellers report for inventory. But what about items that you might have received and are in your inventory but have not sold within a particular date or time range?  To access this report:

Click Reports > Sales > Sales > Sellers > Nonsellers report. This report will give you a little different view from an item activity date report, since an item may have activity but no sales through receiving or editing, etc.

2. The Customer Last-Action Date Filter. This report can show you the customers who have had activity since a certain date. For instance, you might want to show who has interest in Vendor X and is actively purchasing from your store, so you can invite them to a special event or trunk show. This filter will also show customers with NO activity since a particular date. This will show you customers who might not be coming to your store, so you can invite them back with a promotion or simply see if you are having any kind of customer attrition. To access it:

  • In Customer Manager, click Set Filter on right-hand side of screen.
  • Click Last Action Date from left column. Set the date and click either “activity since date” or “NO activity since date”. Click Add.
  • Set other filters relevant to the information you seek such as City, State, etc. Click OK.

3. Exclude Zero Sales and Zero Receiving Options on Sell Through and Turn Rate Reports. The Turn Rate and Sell Through Reports both have the Exclude Zero Sales and Receiving options checked by default to keep the reports shorter. However, unchecking these options can give you more information about the items that for instance have been received but have not sold during certain periods. These options set in combination with the Sales Date Range and Receiving Date Range can show you items that you might have received in the 1st quarter, but did not sell within the same quarter.

If there is a specific set of data you want to see and don’t know which path to choose on the Reports Selector screen, please email us at support@retailedge.com and we would be happy to walk you through it!