RetailEdge 8.2.50 Release Notes

Published June 14, 2017

This release primarly provides fixes for issues with RECAP and includes RECAP some performance enhancements. This feature also adds a automatic license virtualization function. Issues identified with the 8.2.49 soft release note were pre-released to get these critical issues out in the field as soon as possible.

New Features

1. Changed RECAP applications timers values to be rest periods between cycles to better account for long cycle times.

2. Improved performance of testing for deleted products for Shopify web integration during initial file reset.

3. Added the ability to virtualize a workstation license without requiring a remote login. This will allow us to more quickly respond to customers who may need a new license or have had to move machines and provide better support for our international customers. Virtual licenses don’t require the physical key and can be useful where USB ports are limited (tablets, laptops, etc.).

4. Added security tag and manager override to the Sales Touch Screen Advanced/Reset Sales button.

5. Pressing the RECAP button in RetailEdge will now restore RECAP Control Center if it is minimized.

6. RECAP last request dates are now set in a separate file to reduce synchronization data synchs for multi-location and Island installations.

7. Better error logs and error checking and RECAP Improvements for Shopify integration.

8. VSR Import Utility now moves a copy of the processed inventory import files to a history folder to provide better historical and troubleshooting information.

9. Removed Web Integration Log Viewer from Tools Menu since it is already in RECAP (8.2.49 soft release).

10. Added additional logging for each Product Block for Modern Retail Order Response (8.2.49 soft release).

11. Added new indexing for house charges to allow RetailEdge to better display the charges in a multi-location environment where data is not being transmitted in a timely manner.


1. The signature line on custom 2 inch receipts will now properly truncate if field is too long.

2. Reprinting multiple receipts while other receipts are printing in the background will no longer cause an access violation.

3. RECAP no longer causes error when you have multiple copies of RetailEdge running.

4. Fixed issue where RECON/Island log viewer would not display.

5. On exit RetailEdge will now properly check to see that all RECAP applications are not running before shutting down.

6. Change promotion code screen on Sales Manager now properly displays text: Change Promotion Code

7. Running a Shopify Integration on Auto-Timer for long continuous period will no longer give an out of memory error.

8. Added an error check to prevent buying prepaid store credit with store credit.

9. Adding a clerk when you have a time format of HH.MM.SS.TT no longer displays an error.

10. RECAP now consistently loads controller button settings file.

11. Traditional Sales Screen Payment Grid now properly displays missing when navigating through sales tabs with Arrow Keys and the Post F9 Button.

12. ShipStation now uses its own switch settings to determine if it is enabled.

13. ShipStation Order Failures are now properly logged.

14. Popups for ShipStation RECAP Component are now properly displayed.

15. Inventory Manager no longer opens with blank dropdown value on quantity tab.

16. Shopify Integration will now properly display error if incorrect password is used.

17. Modern Retail and Shopify Product Requests no longer use setup loc_quan and properly use loc_lists (8.2.49 soft release).

18. Added additional order duplication checking on Shopify integration to prevent false positives (8.2.49 soft release).

19. Pressing Post Sale button on traditional sales screen to complete sale will no longer display “cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” error (8.2.49 soft release)..