Feb 15, 2022- RetailEdge Update 8.2.75

This release includes some additional changes and fixes to the update in 8.2.74 below. And there were a few bugs that needed fixing.


New Features and Improvements


1.  Added YouTube channel video link to RetailEdge help file.
2.  Changed Payment Due text on payment screen to red when there is a refund.
3.  Added a new INI feature that will increase the table size threshold for the Audit Log purge warning.
4.  Increased performance finding potential errors in Shopify Synchronization.





1.  Shopify integration no longer crashes when InMemory Table is larger than 1.8gb.
2.  Gift cards report, detail date range, no longer has duplicate lines if two registers have same ticket number.
3.  Improved performance of automatic log purge.
4.  Added item description text to the bottom of the inventory editors.
5.  Cloud API no longer sends up bad quantity adjustments.
6.  An item can now be properly deleted off the Quick List.
7.  Receipts no longer duplicate printing of house charge balances, sale notes, and amount saved at the bottom of the receipt.
8.  Shopify product import now properly imports items with mixed case and spaces in the stock number and matrix definitions.
9.  Fixed tab order on the email settings page.