New RetailEdge Version 8.2.64 – March 17th, 2020

RetailEdge 8.2.64 Release Notes

Published March 17, 2020

This release primarily implements changes required for the Shopify integration because they are deprecating some of their API functions.  In addition, this release has several feature requests from customers who attended the User Conference and adds performance enhancements for businesses with larger data.

New Features

1.  Modified Shopify integration to remove deprecated Shopify functions.
2.  More support for Shopify automatic discounts.
3.  Miscellaneous enhancements to discount rules to increase system performance.
4.  Increased system performance when loading Saved Sales with large number of items (100+).
5.  Receive Purchase Order form now shows total quantity received in addition to total received cost.
6.  Added a Price Label for Selected Items button on the Purchase Order editor.
7.  When cancelling an open order, payment text is now red to make it clearer that there is a return.
8.  Changes to better handle running RetailEdge on multiple monitors.
9.  Added Copy to PO (purchase order) and Copy to TO (transfer order) buttons to Advanced section on Sales Touch Screen.
10.  Changed receipt payment labels to better show when payments are made to open orders and the balance to a house charge.
11.  Right clicking line items on purchase order editor now allows you to discount the line item.
12.  Added enhanced search (Matrix Parent SKU) for matrix items on Touch Sales Screen.
13.  Added better notification messages to let users know when they might have an internet connection problem. Connection to the internet allows RetailEdge to properly obtain the current maintenance and support level information and activate subscribed integrations.
14.  Changed Filter lists to make it easier to remove filters when working with large filters.
15.  Improved performance of Inventory Quick Lookups for serialize number items.


1.  Fixed OPOS scale error check when checking for proper number of significant digits.
2.   Transfer Order editor now properly displays costs for clerks that are authorized to see Inventory List Costs.
3.  Card Connect integration hand key after swipe within same sales session will no longer display incorrect customer information.
4.  Modified Custom Tape Style Receipt file field configurations.
5.  Sales Screen discount override no longer sometimes shows the incorrect discount due to rounding errors.
6.  Registration server now properly indicates Dashboard status.
7.  Resolved Brandify and Locally table information conflict.
8.  Resolved RECAP issue with creating too many temporary tables.
9.  Fixed scrolling issue on price grid for systems with multiple locations.
10.  Fixed cursor jumping on Inventory Manager Receiving and On Order tabs.
11.  Card Connect integration hand-keyed returns are now properly crediting the customer’s card.
12.  Cloud API changes to better handle databases with duplicate stock numbers.
13.  Fixed access violation when pressing Ctrl-F while Inventory Manager is loading.
14.  Searching in Customer Activity (TODO) now properly highlights the selected record.
15.  Changed Customer Manager Sales Items and Activity tabs to query based to allow for better sorting of backdated sales or records whose natural sort order might be different from date sort order.
16.  Submit Help Request in program now uses new High Meadow mail SMTP servers.
17.  Recalling sales from the touchscreen multiple times will no longer prompt for deletion of previous saved sale.
18.  Aliases are now properly imported and recognized in Physical Inventory Collection file.
19.  Use of a quotation mark (“) in Clerks and Discount rules no longer creates and access violation.
20.  Loyalty Carry Over now properly merges when merging two customers.
21.  Fixed record jumping when activity is being refreshed on Customer Manager Activity tab.
22.  Fixed label definition for Zebra/Eltron – 1.2″w x 0.85″h, 1 Up w/Date Code label
23.  Inventory matrix children now properly get pricing options and bin/shelf values from parent in Receiving and Transfer Orders.
24.  Modified Matrix Parent SKU lookup to prevent adding matrix parents with no children to QuickList.
25.  Can now filter on unassigned tax jurisdictions in Sales Tax report.
26.  Shopify sales with free shipping discount now properly transfer into RetailEdge.
27.  Clarified warnings about resetting average cost when changing item costs on Inventory Editor.
28.  Fixed cancelability of matrix parent editing when cancelling from the Matrix Parent Editing Options screen.
29.  Creating a new matrix item in Receiving and Purchase Orders now properly applies the discount rules to all the children.
30.  Creating a new Dynamic Cost item in Receiving and Purchase Orders is now getting properly set.
31.  Minimum quantity 2 is no longer getting overwritten by Max 1 value on an item import.
32.  Sale Performance by Date Taxable filter now works properly.
33.  Updated Copywrite notices.
34.  Updated RetailEdge Help file.