New Release! 8.2.52!

It’s Release Day! Our developers have been hard at work on this one. They’ve been taking suggestions from our customers, monitoring RetailEdge for bugs or glitches, testing new features to make sure they work properly, and so on to give you 17 new features and 20 minor fixes.

This release has a lot to do with user productivity and minor fixes that some users were experiencing. Most notably we are proud to say we have added a tip functionality to Vantiv Integration. Simultaneously, we enhanced our Cayan tip feature to properly handle multiple cards and card types, donation roundups, and partial approvals.

A lot of our customers suggest features that are already in RetailEdge and have been for years. That’s why these release notes are so important to look over to make sure you get the most out of our program. If you find yourself running an older version or would like to a refresher on our most popular (and maybe unknown) features, feel free to shoot Sales an email requesting training or to get current on the newest version.

Full Release Notes for RetailEdge 8.2.52

New Features

1. Added a number of new VAT (Value Added Tax) Inclusive Mode features:

In VAT inclusive mode, RetailEdge now allows $ sales screen discount amount to be a VAT inclusive amount.

When looking up items on the Sales Screen in VAT mode there is now a VAT inclusive price column.

The Sales Manager now has column for VAT inclusive pricing for Saved Sales, Layaways, Open Orders, and posted Sales.  Saved Sales display current VAT pricing.  Open Orders, Layaways and Sales display VAT pricing at the time of the posting.

In VAT Inclusive Mode RetailEdge now shows VAT Inclusive item price on the bottom of the Sales Screen


2.  Added RECON 5 Hosted Server option for multi-location and Island customers who don’t want to host their own data or don’t want to support a VPN.

3.  Added Tip/Gratuity functionality to Vantiv integration and enhanced Cayan tip functionality to properly handle multiple cards and card types, donation roundups, and partial approvals.

4.  Added the new IDTech EMV Augusta device to the Vantiv integration as a lower cost EMV solution for mobile/tablet processing and stores with lower sales volumes.

5. Purchase Order discounts can now be done by a fixed dollar amount.  This allows for easier discounting of a purchase order to include shipping pricing into the cost of items (negative dollar amount).

7.  Added database access for Management One Orbit Shuttle Retail Planning integration.

8.  Added new Pioneer POS STEP-5 receipt printer to list of device definitions.  This printer is a fast inexpensive front exit printer that provides a clean checkout counter installation.

9.  Enhanced Shopify sales imports to prevent and log errors when Shopify sales don’t have enough information to be imported properly.

10. Added a wizard to assist customers in filling out store information when program is first run.

11.  Removed D keystroke for Delete on Customer Manager.  Alt-D is now required for customer deletions.

12.  Added option to import sales as today’s date instead of the actual Shopify sales date (previously release).

13.  Enhanced speed of Shopify product upload of items during process required to remove items deleted in RetailEdge from the Shopify site.

14.  Added UPC fields to the Sales Export Utility

15.  Removed Windows XP Manifest that allowed program to have XP styling since XP is no longer supported.

16.  Updated Database Server to support enhanced encryption performance and new development tools.

17. Updated FTP Server login procedures for enhanced security.


1.  Fixed scaling issues when computer is using Windows text scaling in the system Display Settings.

2.  When integrated credit card processing corrects to Debit payment method because a Debit Card was used, RetailEdge now uses the Debit Card settings for opening the cash drawer.

3.  Sales Screen now shows proper discount percent when in VAT Mode when selling low price point items (less than $0.50).

4.  Deleting and restoring matrix children in RetailEdge now properly deletes and restores item variants in Shopify (fixed in previous version).

5.  ~~Unassigned~~ in Department Field in Invent update import is no longer allowed.  Every inventory item must have a department assigned to it.

6.  Sales Journal Report and Receipt Message reports now work properly when you have a penny rounding adjustment payment.

7.  Change amount now properly displays on Voided Sales receipt.

8.  Added better documentation for new Dashboard applications operation.

9.  Round-up donation item now properly assigns the donation item’s department ID to the sale.

10.  Trailing Backslash on DB Name in Server Settings now properly allow the database name used to be displayed on the main form.

11.  Discount Rule for Customer and Inventory Lists with large datasets now works properly.

12.  Reuse Customer’s Credit Card option is longer available when selecting Debit Card on Sales Screen.  Debit transactions need to be card present.

13.  Removed code duplication from RECAP Management One functions.

14.  Added additional testing for Shopify Errors with matrix children product uploads.

15.  Create New Locations in RetailEdge now refreshes the cache to allow CSV imports to create records for all locations without a program restart.

16.  Added security to Sales Screen Delete All Items function to prevent unauthorized deletion of items on a sales screen.

17.  House Charge Limit is no longer bypassed when posting a recalled saved sale.

18.  Improved RECON synchronization timing issues that can under rare circumstances cause sales closing posted status to be set to unposted.

19.  RetailEdge now properly imports Class when import omits mapping class field.

20.  Copy Items to Sale from the Inventory Manager no longer bypasses clerk tracking when only clerk tracking is turned on and security is set to Clerk Based.