Are You Backing Up Your RetailEdge Data? It’s as Easy as 3-2-1

There has been an uptick in the volume of calls about system restores and backups lately. Without backing up their data, RetailEdge customers are losing data because they have not taken the time to do this simple procedure. So here is your friendly reminder about backing up your data. Everyone knows you should be backing up your data (right?) but there may still be some questions:

1. Which method is best?
2. Where should I save my backups?
3. How often should I backup?

We recommend a 3-2-1 backup rule.

Keep 3 Copies of your Data

You should keep 3 saved copies of your data (including your original). Create your RetailEdge Backup, saving it first to the hard disk then copying that to another medium (e.g, cloud, memory stick, USB drive, etc.).

This provides redundancy in case one of your backups is damaged.

A least 2 Different Mediums

The original exists on the Hard Drive (medium 1) and a copy is saved in the cloud via One Drive/Google Drive/ Dropbox (medium 2) or removable media like a USB thumb drive or external Hard Drive.

This provides redundancy in case one medium fails.

In More than 1 Physical Location

A backup should reside at a location that is different than the location that the original resides. This in case of fires, floods, or other natural disasters that render the original location inaccessible.