What is RECAP and How Can I Use It?

You all know our new software update focused a lot on RECAP. But what exactly is it? RECAP is an acronym for RetailEdge Centralized Application Platform. RECAP has a control center on your RetailEdge home screen that is composed of multiple applications designed to help your business thrive. Lets break it down further: includes exporting RetailEdge data to your website and importing online sales from your website into RetailEdge. These options are available to you  competitive with e-tailers by giving you a website for your store.* And it’s easier than you think.



Many of our customers are shifting towards an online presence in that’s very important in today’s market to have an online presence. We offer several solutions to help you get a website for your store and it’s easier than you might think.

Through some fancy technology we won’t bore you with, we’ve created a platform where RetailEdge can talk to Shopify and other e-commerce sites like Magento, Woo Commerce and Big Commerce.These are for the do-it-yourselfers and independent retailer who knows what they want out of a website and how to get there for a more affordable price.

For a little more, we also offer integration with Modern Retail via RECAP. This is if you are looking for more guidance and handholding when creating a website. They take the time to make your website look it’s best when you are unsure what to do or how to navigate.


Ship Station

Once you have your business online, you’ll be able to get ship done with Ship Station. Ship Station is an online shipping software that imports sales orders from virtually any and all selling channels like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, and more.

Once connected,  they import all of your orders for you and you’ll be able to print shipping labels in bulk and use their order automation. That means you’ll save tons of time on eCommerce shipping and fulfillment along with no more copying and pasting just to create a shipping label.


E-mail Utility

The RetailEdge Receipt Emailer Utility periodically looks for new sales and emails a sales receipt to a given list of email addresses. This lets you keep up with your RetailEdge sales when you’re away from your store. The Receipt Emailer Utility is freely available to RetailEdge customers on Silver or Gold service plans.


Management One

Management One is a service that provides inventory planning to retailers all over the world. They go in and personally evaluate your business and create a custom game plan to help your business thrive. Beyond merchandise planning, they provide services like retail diagnostics, turnarounds, traffic and conversion services, and more.


Dashboard App

Dashboard is our little homemade app for iPhones and iPads that syncs directly with your RetailEdge Data.

Dashboard is an easy-to-use free app that allows you to quickly see your store’s daily sales totals, tax collected, gross margin and number of sales generated by RetailEdges POS.

Dashboard works in single and multi-location businesses and can either consolidate all your location’s sales or provide information about each location’s sales separately.


If you are a RetailEdge user and have any questions about RECAP or how to get started with any of its functions, don’t hesitate to call us at 802-549-4617 to talk with our dedicated sales team ready to work with you one on one. Or tell us your thoughts/concerns/questions in the comments below! (We never sell your email to third parties or email you directly (unless you subscribe to our email list).

*Some applications subject to fees and restricted to Silver and Gold level customers.