New RetailEdge Update Alert! Version 8.2.58! 02/06/2019

RetailEdge 8.2.58 Release Notes

If you are on a RetailEdge Silver or Gold Plan, please go ahead and run RetailEdge as an administrator, then click Help > Program Updates, and then update! It should only take a few minutes so you won’t experience any sales disruptions.

We thank each and every one of you for your input and suggestions these past few months. These new features are for our dedicated customers!

This release contains many new program usability features and mobile credit card processing options. Program fixes focused on increasing stability with third party program integrations.

New Features

1. New Worldpay wireless mobile processing device integration (Ingenico ISMP4).

2. New TSYS (Cayan) integration with Genius Mini for mobile processing. The Genius Mini allows you to use your laptop or Windows tablet to process credit cards anywhere by connecting to your Android Phone or iPhone.

3. New Customer AND Inventory List Discount Type: Discount Triggered by Sale Total. (e.g., $100 to $200 get 10% off, $200 to $300 get 20% off, etc.).

4. Added a new Combo Search for inventory and customer. Instead of searching on a single field, Customer combo will search on Cust ID, Last Name, First Name, Company, Street 1 and 2, and Phone simultaneously. Inventory combo will search on Stock Number, Description, UPC1, UPC2, Vendor Part Number and Manufacturer Part Number simultaneously.

5. Added Line Item Display to TSYS/Cayan integration. Line Item Display allows the Genius devices to function like a pole display.

6. Added ability to turn off amount confirmation with Worldpay/Vantiv integration to speed up the point of sale process.

7. Added discretionary sales tax surcharge functionality for Florida. (e.g., additional sales tax up to a set dollar amount).

8. ShipStation integration now allows import of Package SKUs.

9. Added utility to change the department for past sales for a range of dates.

10. Added new option to return change as store credit for deposits that are modified to less than the amount of the original deposit.

11. When exporting data to QuickBooks the total sales amount to be exported is displayed for the selected closings.

12. Added new Shopify error handling to notify users that inventory write permissions are turned off.

13. Added support for new UnionPay cards in Worldpay/Vantiv integration.

14. Changes to make PICs import clearer.

15. Added instructions to Help files on adding a Shopify Location ID required for Shopify integration.

16. Changed how the Touch Sales Screen works to allow faster entry of non-entered items by pressing the Enter key.

17. Added additional communication with TSYS/Cayan server to increase processing in environments with slow or inconsistent internet connections.


1. A deleted customer with a house charge balance is no longer included on the Balance Summary Reports.

2. Recalling a Saved Sale into the Traditional Sales Screen with items that require age verification properly allows you select not to reverify.

3. Properly handle multiple partially approved credit/debit cards with Cayan.

4. Inventory CSV import with a file created by scanning RetailEdge labels now works properly.

5. The inventory editor now displays the correct margin at the bottom of the price grid with all price/cost combinations.

6. RetailEdge program update now turns off Island Synchronization before it starts to prevent cycle conflicts upon restart.

7. RECON Cloud no longer allows customer house charges to be activated when a customer record is created or added (soft release).

8. Changed Modern Retail integration to allow for smaller amounts of data to be sent to prevent errors.

9. Better error checking for duplicate sales with ShipStation integration when sale note is modified.

10. Better error checking for duplicate sales with Shopify integration when sale note is modified.

11. Better error checking of Modern Retail orders to prevent bad data from being imported into RetailEdge.

12. Changed Case Item Ordering options for clarity.

13. Pressing the Save Button after Store Credit Adjustment on slower computers no longer creates error.

14. Changed Copyright notices for 2019

15. Fixed issue where house charges could not be properly voided under certain circumstances.

16. QuickBooks export now supports Pay-ins.

17. Prevent taking non-zero payment on Sales Screen when sale total is $0.

18. Shopify integration error checking to prevent duplicating customers with trailing and leading spaces in names.

19. With option to copy to children is not checked, export/report code no longer gets copied to matrix children under certain circumstances.

20. No longer allow setting advanced age requirements without having values set for primary age requirement.

21. Fixed issue with creating tax jurisdictions when more than one exception screen is open at a time.

22. Clicking the Sales MGR button on Customer Manager no longer opens multiple Sales Manager screens.

23. Customer information on bottom of Traditional Sales Screen now properly updates after a customer edit.

24. Miscellaneous Activity Manager UI changes.

25. Properly update Sales Tax values on Traditional Sales Screen after editing a customer with Customer Notes set to display.