Knowing Your Receipt Options

Have you ever wanted to add/edit the text or other options on a receipt that RetailEdge prints, but don’t know where to go?
Note: If clerk security is turned on for your business you will need the appropriate security level in order to edit these settings.

In RetailEdge in the top toolbar, Go to Tools > Settings > Workstations and choose Modify. Choose the option for “Receipt Printer 1

You’ll see this:

RetailEdge Receipt Printer 1 Options

Here, you can choose

  • the receipt printer you are printing to (Full Page or Tape Style), the driver you are using, and paper size,
  • the receipt printer used for reprinting receipts,
  • an option RetailEdge prompt you with how many copies of the receipt you want printed and how many seconds in between each receipt,
  • receipts printed on– a full blank piece of paper or a “preprinted form” (a pre-set for a receipt printer),
  • any full page letterhead graphic,
  • custom tape style or full page receipts, and
  • four different receipt messages.

Click Advanced Receipt Options to bring up this:

Advanced Receipt Options

Here is where you can add or remove a variety of Business Related, Customer Related and Miscellaneous options to your receipt.

Notes: ‘Include Tax Jurisdictions Report’ and ‘Detailed Tax Info’ are really for areas with complex sales taxes with exemptions.

Here is an example of what your receipt could look like if you choose the Tape Style – Windows Printer Driver option in the Receipt Printer 1 Options.