Other Important Items

Yes. RetailEdge can integrate directly to Shopify, and through our partner Modern Retail, also to Woo Commerce, Big Commerce and Magento. We also have an API to allow you to have your web programmer integrate any site you are using with RetailEdge. You can find more details here.
No. RetailEdge's data is all local and not in the cloud. That means you can continue to run your business when your internet connection is down and you won't be slowed down when the internet is slow.
Yes. Security in a retail environment is critical. RetailEdge has the ability to setup 99 different security levels to give you the flexibility to allow multiple employee tiers and limit access to your business information.

credit card data (tokenization).

This provides better security for you and reduces the steps you need to take to demonstrate PCI Compliance.

We update the program 7 or 8 times a year.
Updates only cost $5/workstation/month if you want updates only (the Silver Plan) or if you are on a support plan (the Gold Plan) then your updates are all included for only $45/location/month.