Spotlight Feature: New, Simpler Return Button

AC: Feature Spotlight: Easier Return Button

Greetings! This week I wanted to share with you all a lesser known feature added to RetailEdge 8.2.53, the new Return Button.

This feature has been requested by many of our users looking for a way to quickly select items from a previous sale to return. This features a new screen where you can select specific items and quantities from a ticket. This will also load the pricing of those items from the original sale, reducing the time it can take to modify the prices of items. The steps are as follows:


1: Open Sales Manager:


2: Locate the ticket with the items the customer is looking to return. (You can use the Find button or press F4 on your keyboard and type in the ticket or scan the barcode on the bottom of the sales receipt) Then select the new Return Button located on the right hand side of the Sales Manager Screen:


3: On the Return Sale Window, select the items that you would like to return. Note: If you want to return all items on the sale then select the All button on the Right hand side. (Boxed in Orange)

Once you Select the items from the sale that you would like to return Select Ok.


4: This will open the Sales Screen with the items selected, loaded and ready to return.

Notice the inclusion of a note on the items referencing the original transaction:

Traditional Sales Screen:

5: Complete the transaction!


Q: I am use to the way I process my returns, do I have to use this method now?

A: No, the way you are use to processing returns should work just fine.  This is just another method that other users may find easier.

Q:  Sometimes I run into issues where I try to return Discount Ruled items, does this address this issue?

A: Yes, When the RetailEdge Programming Department went about crafting this feature they wanted to provide an easier way for clerks to process returns of discounted items.

Q. Can I do a partial return (ex. Bought 3 of the same item and only wants to return 1?)

A. Yes. Just enter the quantity you want to return in the “Qty Return” column.